The loss of teeth has a truly significant effect on well-being of a person. It is not just an inconvenience when chewing but also an aesthetic problem that causes a lack of self-confidence. The loss of teeth may occur due to different reasons: wear, injuries, diseases, and other negative effects. Where dental fillings are not sufficient to restore the function and aesthetically nice appearance of the teeth, dental prosthetics may help to solve the problem.

Prosthodontics is a modern solution for restoring functions of one or several teeth. Advanced dental restorations used for prosthetic treatments are durable comfortable and strong. Senamiesčio perlas dental clinic provides prosthetic treatment services involving fixed and removable dentures, implant-supported dentures (fixed and removable), as well as aesthetic prosthetic treatments using veneers, inlays and onlays.

The fixed dentures: metal-ceramic, zirconium-oxide ceramic and metal-free ceramic crowns. Removable dentures: plates (full and partial) and metal frame partial dentures. All dentures are manufactured in the laboratory by experienced and skilled professionals.

The type of dentures that suit you best and their cost may be determined only after assessing the condition of the teeth, therefore, we recommend coming for a consultation to Senamiesčio perlas dental clinic. Our specialists will offer several options based on your financial capabilities and will draw up an individual treatment plan.

Prosthetic dentistry treatments in the clinic are performed by:

natalija pucetiene

Natalija Pucetienė

Chief Dentist
Alma Slavinskienė

Alma Slavinskienė

stundzyte jolita

Jolita Stundžytė