Professional oral hygiene is a treatment to remove hard and soft plaque from the surface of the teeth. Using this procedure, the teeth are protected from caries and periodontitis caused by the bacteria present on the surface and in the grooves of the teeth.

The accumulated plaque gradually mineralizes forming tartar and carbohydrates contribute to production of acids that damage the tooth surface. This causes long-term consequences: teeth cavities, inflammation of surrounding tissues, which, if left untreated, may even lead to loss of teeth.

It is true that a good dental health may only be achieved through a proper personal oral hygiene. However, even the most zealous and responsible brushing and flossing of the teeth, as well as application of any other tooth cleaning tools, may not ensure a proper cleaning of hard-to-reach places, which a relevant professional cleans without any difficulty. Therefore, it is recommended to have professional oral hygiene treatments performed every six months and, in case of inadequate personal hygiene skills, every 3-4 months. The patients already suffering from periodontal diseases should visit the dentist’s office every three months.

Oral hygiene should also be performed prior to teeth whitening and aesthetic filling treatments.

Regularly performed professional oral hygiene and proper care of your teeth will help you to prevent serious dental problems, as well as to save the costs of your visits to the dentist and enjoy your healthy smile!

Oral hygiene treatments in the clinic are performed by:


Viktorija Kiminiūtė