When do you need to have your wisdom teeth removed?


When do you need to have your wisdom teeth removed?

Wisdom teeth are the last teeth in the teeth row behind the two molars. They usually erupt at the age of 18 to 25, as well as they may not erupt at all or erupt partially.

The wisdom teeth that have the right position and do not cause problems, which happens rarely, should be taken care of and treated like the rest of your teeth. Most commonly, the eruption of wisdom teeth is complicated and extremely unpleasant:

– It is quite often that the jaw is not long enough, so the wisdom teeth lack free space. They can prop against an adjacent tooth and cause damage to it and the bone, the formation of a cyst, as well as can push other teeth and change their position.

– In case of a partially erupted wisdom tooth, part of the gums still cover it. Food and bacteria accumulate under the gums on that site, causing redness, swelling and painfulness of the gums. Gum diseases and inflammation may occur as well. Because of this, often such a tooth is affected by decay prior to fully erupting.

– Sometimes wisdom teeth do not erupt at all. A person may not encounter any problems with this regard throughout an entire lifetime and even be not aware of the presence of such teeth, however, sometimes, when there are certain medical indications: pain due to inflammation of the trigeminal nerve, inflammation of surrounding tissues or the jaw, purulent processes etc., wisdom teeth need to be removed.

Only a specialist can evaluate your dental condition and take a relevant decision. Remember: the sooner you consult a dentist about the steps to be taken concerning your wisdom teeth, the faster you will get help and be able to avoid complications.