Information for parents


Information for parents

Dear (Parents)

The number of children with irregular occlusion is steadily increasing. Although the first symptoms become visible at the age of three, dentists usually recommend to wait until the child reaches the age when the treatment using fixed appliances (braces) is possible, which may also involve removal of several teeth. As the treatment using braces is an efficient way to mechanically align the teeth, and parents do not know any other alternatives, they generally agree with this professional proposal and the condition remains untreated until the child reaches 12 to 14 years of age. Latest findings indicate that this treatment does not solve the problem permanently, because after removal of braces the teeth tend to crowd again in majority of cases, especially if the child does not wear a fixing appliance (a retainer).

Teeth do not crowd without a reason: such a misalignment is a symptom and a warning sign that the jaws and face of the child are developing incorrectly. After over 25 years of intensive research, Myofunctional Research Co. (MRC) has established the reasons of such a widespread teeth crowding in children. The main causes of teeth crowding are harmful habits of children such as mouth breathing and incorrect swallowing combined with activity of muscles of the tongue, cheeks and lips. To avoid significantly bigger problems in the future, these harmful habits can and should be treated as early as possible. An early intervention allows achieving results that are impossible when the development of the face and jaw is completed.

Based on the above studies, dentist (Alma Slavinskienė) applies a different orthodontic treatment. MRC’s latest Myobrace® products adjust harmful habits of growing children and improve the development of occlusion and, at the same time, of the face. This means that the orthodontic problems can be corrected much earlier than the traditional treatment methods may be applied, and often it may even eliminate the need to use braces and extract teeth in the future. The application of the Myobrace® system promotes the natural and genetically defined child’s development.

The orthodontic treatment using these innovative devices applied by dentist (Alma Slavinskienė) differs from traditional treatments by the fact that it begins early and does not involve braces. Traditional orthodontic treatment methods are focused on teeth positioning, while treatment with Myobrace® appliances adjusts occlusion by eliminating harmful habits that are the root cause of tooth crowding. When this is achieved, not only the teeth are straightened but also the stability of the result is improved.

The Myobrace® appliances are worn one hour during a day while engaging in routine daily activities and during night-time sleep. Due to increasing demand for this painless and stress-free treatment method, dentist (Alma Slavinskienė) applies this treatment technique and pays special attention to the facial development. The Myobrace® system improves the overall appearance of the face and it is a good thing that this interactive method of treatment encourages children to feel responsible for removing their own harmful habits.