Endodontics is the treatment of dental root canals. The purpose of this dentistry area is to destroy the microorganisms in the root canal system, this way protecting the teeth and surrounding tissues from the infection.

Endodontic treatment is required when the tooth pulp (the soft tissue of a tooth consisting of blood vessels, nerves and lymphatic vessels) is affected by infection or inflammation. If left untreated, the tooth may become not viable, as well as an abscess (the so-called swelling) may form and toothache may occur.

The microorganisms that cause inflammation and infection enter the tooth pulp through the cracks in the tooth surface, as well as through the cavities in case of an untreated caries. Following an injury, even a healthy looking tooth with no visible external cracks may be affected, that is, the soft tissues of the tooth may be damaged. Therefore, it is necessary to have dental check-ups performed regularly and, in the event of an injury, contact a specialist immediately.

odontologijos paslaugos

Endodontic treatments in the clinic are performed by: