Your child has crowded teeth


Your child has crowded teeth

What treatment to choose?

Important information for parents of children 5-8 years old.

What causes orthodontic problems?

Majority of children will develop an irregular occlusion. Recent research shows that the harmful functional habits like breathing through the mouth, tongue pushing between the teeth, incorrect swallowing and thumb sucking are the main causes of teeth crowding. Such habits limit the growth of the jaw and face of a child and cause orthodontic problems. Fixed appliances (braces) do not eliminate these harmful habits.

Is the orthodontic treatment based on fixed appliances (braces) the only option?

In 1989, Dr. Chris Farell founded the Myofuncional Reseach Co. (MRC) to develop more effective solutions to the orthodontic problems of a growing child. The appliances produced by the MRC are designed not only to correct teeth misalignment but also to treat the causes of teeth crowding by correcting harmful oral habits such as mouth breathing, tongue pushing between the teeth and incorrect swallowing.

Unlike traditional orthodontics, the MRC’s main goal is to achieve tooth alignment result that would remain stable throughout the entire lifetime and often even without the use of braces or fixing appliances (retainers). The removal of the causes of teeth crowding will improve the overall health condition of a child and enable to maximize the use of genetic potential. Though requiring from the child more effort than using braces, this technique has many other advantages.


Trainer system

How does the TRAINER System work?

The TRAINER System consists of various MRC appliances (trainers) designed to change the activity of the muscles of the mouth and direct the erupting teeth in the right position.

These appliances actively straighten teeth and jaw, as:

  • The tongue is directed to the correct position in the upper jaw area;
  • Incorrect swallowing habits that cause tooth crowding are changed;
  • The patient is trained to breathe through the nose, which is a prerequisite for the correct development of the face and improvement of the overall health condition.

The MRC Trainer System appliances also slightly push the crowded teeth: the daily use of the trainer aligns the front teeth and extends the jaw arch, which promotes facial development, as well as the overall growth of the body along with that.


The wearing of the trainer:

  • Adjusts tongue position;
  • Aligns teeth and jaw arches;
  • Prevents breathing through the mouth; and
  • Improves facial development.

Correct position of teeth:

  • The activity of the tongue, cheeks and lips determine the position of the teeth;
  • Correct facial growth depends on the function of the facial muscles and the breathing habits.



T4K appliance (a trainer)

Removes the causes of teeth crowding and inadequate jaw development by correcting harmful oral habits.

  • Teeth tray aligns the front teeth;
  • Tongue tag trains the tongue muscle;
  • Lip prickles train the lower lip.

All MRC Trainer System appliances have to be worn 1 hour during the day and throughout night sleep.

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