Aesthetic filling is a natural tooth structure-preserving way to get your smile back.

With the help of this minimally invasive aesthetic dentistry technique, worn, chipped or decayed teeth may be restored. Aesthetic filling is also applicable for those wishing to improve the form of the teeth, reduce gaps between the teeth (the so-called diastema) or replace old fillings that differ in colour from natural dental tissues. Following a teeth restoration treatment, the filled teeth look as your natural healthy ones.

During an aesthetic filling treatment, the teeth are restored by the application of layers similar to those of natural tooth tissues: the damaged teeth regain their colour, shape, surface translucency, and, surely, the chewing function.

Aesthetic filling is an excellent means to remove minor dental defects, however, a prosthetic treatment is recommended in case of more serious defects.

When it comes to the aesthetic filling of molars, it is very important that the shape of the teeth is restored accurately and correctly, as it affects the effectiveness of the chewing in the future. Professional aesthetic filling of molars helps prevent tooth migration and formation of so-called ‘elongation’, as well as prevent the pathology of the jaw joint.

Following an aesthetic filling treatment, you should regularly visit your dentist, as well as have professional oral hygiene treatments and polishing of fillings performed to refresh their surface and shiny lustre.

Only the specialist during the consultation can determine what kind of treatment is most suitable in each individual case. It is important to understand that damaged and untreated teeth continue to decay, which increases the risk of their loss, so preventive dental check-ups are necessary to assess the condition of the teeth.

Aesthetic filling in the clinic is performed by: