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The history of the establishment of the clinic seems to be determined by a fate. The building housing the Senamiesčio perlas clinic is located in the historical centre of Klaipėda – the barbers of the city were still operating in the building in the 17th century and, as we all know, they were considered to be the first dental practitioners who performed minor surgical treatments.

Over the years, the building has been reconstructed many times until it finally found itself in the hands of the family of the founder of the clinic – Natalija Pucetienė. Doctor’s father, Vladimir Morozov, gave the premises to his daughter as a gift and asked her to establish a dentistry clinic there. Thus, based not on words but on significant work, the Senamiesčio perlas clinic opened its doors to the visitors in the port city in 2015.

Have you heard that, up to 1300, it was thought that toothache and cavities were caused by ‘teeth worms’? French surgeon Guy de Chauliac refuted the myth with the simple diagnosis – tooth decay. Since then, dentistry has advanced tremendously, and not only in the field of development of therapeutic treatment technologies. Today, thanks to aesthetic filling, implantation and prosthetic treatment, patients are given back their smiles, teeth and gum diseases are prevented through professional oral hygiene, as well as modernized oral surgery and endodontic treatments are available.

Senamiesčio perlas dental clinic is proud of its team of specialists, which currently consists of seven dentists, three oral hygienists and three dental assistants. Here, the patients are welcomed by warm smiles of our team who are motivated by happy patients and the understanding that they have contributed to a better quality of their patients’ life at least to some extent. Sincerity, dedication to work and continuous improvement are the key values of Senamiesčio perlas. Doctors are ready to help even on weekends, as well as they always advise and take into consideration the financial capabilities of the patient before selecting the relevant treatment.

The following services are currently provided at Senamiesčio perlas dental clinic: filling, aesthetic filling, prosthetic dentistry, dental implants, oral surgery, endodontic treatment, trainer-based orthodontic treatment, professional oral hygiene, as well as other general dental services.

Lev Tolstoy said that a scientist is the one who knows a lot from books, an educated person is the one who soaks up the knowledge most widely widespread in his time, and an enlightened person is the one who understands the meaning of his life. We believe that the meaning of life is perceived by discovering ourselves, discovering ourselves through our activities and understanding that we are heading in the right direction.

We are convinced that we are on the right path: we help people, dedicate our effort to people and love our work. This undoubtedly allows the Senamiesčio perlas team to look to the future of the clinic with true inspiration and the desire to become even better specialists.

Our team

Rima Morozova

Rima Morozova

natalija pucetiene
Chief Dentist
zygimantas ilgauskas

Žygimantas Ilgauskas


Viktorija Kiminiutė

danguole jauniene

Danguolė Jaunienė

Dental Assistant

Erika Kuizinaitė

Dental Assistant